"Who’s in charge of the remote you or Leo?"

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so I’ve been gone for like two months I had an internship there was a self-imposed tumblr ban for productivity reasons I’m sorry and also back?

re: the bunch of requests in my inbox I AM SO SORRY and so on it even if you probably have forgotten by now and quite rightfully written me off as totally useless

B a d a s s e r y *____*
if by “badassery” you mean “silently-screaming blind panic” then yes yes indeed

it was my first day in a law office today I did research notes for a supreme court interlocutory, rep’d for conciliation at the workers compensation tribunal, wrote two wills w/ attached power of attorney and enduring guardianship and took an initial client meeting & debrief

don’t feel the need to ease me into it or anything guys

g u y s

Wound opens, reveal this broken manAnd soon there’s notions of blood on his hands
Wound opens, reveal this broken man
And soon there’s notions of blood on his hands

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oh man I resisted getting into running man so hard for so long

but then kim jong kook started swaggering around with a giant water gun doing kissy faces and humming his own theme tune like kronk from the emperors new groove I can’t do this anymore

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Get to know me meme | (1/5) actors → Kit Harington

« Sometimes you’re in a bad mood and have to play nice. But it’s part and parcel. I hate actors who complain about it. You got yourself into this, and maybe you didn’t seek the fame thing, the being recognised thing, but it’s part of your job. Actors get paid to do movies not for the work they do, bur for the privacy they give up. So if you’re going to get big pay cheques, you have to accept the price of losing anonymity. »